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A Closer Look at the Causes of Back Pain

If there is one thing that so many people complaint about all the time, it would have to be back pain. This condition is not only because of overwork or pressure; it can also be an indication of a variety of medical conditions. While there are episodes of back pain that resolve on their own, […]

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Pain Associated with Bulging Discs

Are you wondering what bulging discs are? Well, a bulging disc is the result of the jutting out of the cartilage located between two spinal vertebrae. This is a very common problem seen in people who regularly lift heavy objects or those who pick up heavy things without bending down properly. It is also common […]

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Bulging Discs and the Associated Pain

A bulging disc occurs when the cartilage sandwiched between two vertebrae on the spine sticks out. This is a common problem suffered by people who lift heavy objects or who pick things up without bending at the knee joints, causing the back to do most of the work in the effort to do the activity. […]

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