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Coating Metal Pumps & Tubes Extends Their Life

Metal pumps and tubes are critical components of any fluid transfer system. Metal pumps help transport fluid and keep the system they are a part of running efficiently. The metal barrels used in oil extraction are typically made of brass, steel alloys, and stainless steel. Without getting them coated by professional metal coaters in Texas, […]

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Best Way to Apply Nickel Coatings to Metal

Coating metals boost their resistance to different forms of damage — from corrosion and abrasion to chemical damage. If you invest in wear resistant steel coatings for your metal parts, you also improve the metals’ strength and durability while giving them a polished look.  One of the most popular coating materials is nickel. It’s primarily […]

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Electroless Nickel Plating Process Using a Composite Diamond Coating

Electroless Nickel Plating is the process of depositing a nickel-alloy coating without the use of an electric current and occurs instead through an autocatalytic reaction. Diamonds have always been recognized as the hardest element and has anti corrosive properties. Therefore, diamond composite formulations of the electroless nickel solutions has become a premier product used by […]

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