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Eyebrow Lifts Don’t Require “The Knife”

For years, eyelid surgery has been a popular plastic surgery up until about years ago. Oculoplastic surgeons now recognize the eyebrow lift can be done less invasively than a full procedure like blepharoplasty. Most surgeons see that the eyelid, brow and forehead are all connected, so anyone looking to gain a more youthful appearance must […]

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Today’s Various Types of Anti-Aging Treatments

Anyone who is keen on anti-aging is bound to have an arsenal of treatments and products to slow and reverse the aging process. The first step in choosing an anti-aging regimen us to have a cosmetic skin care specialist or dermatologist assess your skin to determine its specific needs. Basic Spa Facials. The typical anti-aging […]

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Stimulatory Fillers and Synthetics for Volume Loss

Years ago, a facelift was the only way to restore the volume of a person’s chin, cheeks and facial curvatures. This is a very complex procedure with the goal of creating a tauter, smoother and more youthful looking appearance. Recovery time was based on the actual work done. Most patients can go about their business […]

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