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Doctor’s Help in Losing Weight Safely

One of the largest health issues that is affecting a majority number of countries around the world is Obesity. Among all other countries, the United States ranked highest among all other countries. There is an excessive amount of health risk that is associated with obesity. That is why losing excess poundage has become a priority. […]

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Obesity: A Medical Condition that Plagues the World

Obesity is a medical condition in which the body is storing excessive bodily fat that threatens the overall health of any person. An obese person is different from the overweight person because obesity distinctly describes excessive bodily fat. Being overweight on the other hand, can mean excessive weight due to high fat percentage with high […]

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The Ugly Truth about Obesity

People who have significantly greater weight than is ideal for them are generally classified as obese. When the difference from their ideal healthy weight to their actual weight is at least 20%, then they can be considered someone who suffers from obesity. Today, a huge chunk of the American population suffer from obesity and being […]

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