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Designing Pressure Vessel Requires Expertise

Pressure vessels are vital components used in a wide range of industries, including petrochemicals, energy, pharmaceuticals, and aerospace. These vessels play a critical role in storing and transporting gases and liquids under high pressure, making them essential for numerous industrial processes. The design and engineering of pressure vessels are complex tasks that demand specialized expertise […]

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The CO2 Extraction Process: What You Need To Know

When you think of carbon dioxide, you probably define it as the gas that we, humans, exhale. Environmentalists know it as a primary greenhouse gas that is harmful to the atmosphere. But did you know that CO2 is widely used in many different industries such as food and beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals? With the aid […]

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Testing for Leaks in Pressure Vessels

If you need to contain gases or liquids at a pressure level higher than the ambient one, you need a high pressure vessel. These vessels are used in various industries, including petroleum refining, chemical processing, and boiler and storage tank manufacturing.  One of the challenges encountered by facilities that use these vessels is material leakage. […]

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