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Securing Radio Communications for Security Teams

The majority of the organizations that deal with the safety and security for others often have a team of security personnel that have direct access to an internal control center and other security teammates working that shift. Often these teams are equipped with two-way radios tuned to a specific frequency. Older analog devices used UHF […]

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RoIP is Not Concerned with a Clear Line of Sight

When it comes to using two way radios, the most common question we get from users would be how far can they communicate? To answer that question, one must be familiar how two way radios work. Analog Radios Require a Clear Line Of Sight Simply put, two way radios can transmit and receive radio waves […]

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Protect Yourself Against Top VoIP Security Threats

You must protect data, information, and confidentiality in your company. Nowadays that is not an easy thing to do. Hackers and snoopers of all sorts are constantly scavenging for information. You should assume that your company has been targeted and take appropriate action.  One of the most effective ways to keep your voice communications secure […]

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