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Architectural Facades Disguise Building Mechanical Systems

The architectural facades we see in buildings do more than just add aesthetic value. When mechanical systems, typically placed on the roof or rear of buildings, often architectural screens and prefabricated enclosures are required to help them blend seamlessly with the overall look of the structure.  The Various Roles That Facades Play Typically, the facade […]

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Rainscreens & Architectural Cladding for Moisture Management

Moisture is a huge element that engineers, and architects combat to keep a building structurally sound. Without placing protection systems such as rainscreen siding and moisture barriers, the quality and aesthetics of your building can be compromised. In addition, excessive moisture may pose environmental threats and cause legal concerns for your project.  What Are Rainscreens […]

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Building A Hospital Requires Serious Design Skills

Designing and building a hospital is a complex task. Many factors have to be considered even before construction begins. The proper choice of materials, including wall protection panels, corner guards, metal handrails and other architectural products for building interiors should also be considered to ensure the building’s durability, functionality, safety, and hygiene in the long […]

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