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Radio over IP for Buses, Trains and Other Transportation

Reliable communication systems are crucial for most transportation networks to ensure the safety and efficiency of operations. Public and private bus services, train operations in the USA, freight carriers, and marine fleet operations all rely heavily on effective communication to coordinate their activities and respond to emergencies promptly. Traditionally, these entities have utilized analog radio […]

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Radio Over IP Helps Bus Drivers Stay Connected

According to the American Public Transportation Association, in 2019, around 9.9 billion trips on public transportation were recorded in the US. And the bus remains one of the most used modes of public transport.  For bus fleets, communication is vital for both safety and logistics purposes. In this frontier, Radio Over Internet Protocol of RoIP […]

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3 Benefits of RoIP for Bus Fleet and Regional Rail Operators

Communication is vital for effective operations in the transportation industry. Operators need to know the status of every vehicle as well as any potential problems along the route. In the past, traditional radio networks served this function well, but technological advances now allow users to replace microwave towers with an internet-based communication network. As the […]

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