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Radios Now Use IP Connections To Extend Reach

Since its invention in the late 1890s, the radio has been a reliable tool for communication. Fast forward to today, more secure radio communications are now in place thanks to different technologies, including encrypted Radio over IP and secured IP consoles.  RoIP (Radio over IP), in particular, offers a cost-effective way to connect radio systems […]

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Radios and Cell Phone Interoperability

The concept of secure radio communication systems can be traced back to the 1800s. More than two centuries later, the use of two-way radios has become dominant across several industries — from the police workforce, emergency use, the military to businesses and academic institutions.  While this technology offers a number of advantages over more modern […]

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Mobile Command Vehicles Are State of the Art

Never has the importance of mobile command vehicles been stressed more than during big disasters like hurricane Katrina or today, as the world struggles with the the civil unrest in the US and the Covid-19 calamity. The political division in communities and cities across the US have demonstrated the need for communications control centers which […]

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