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Two Way Radios Move from Analog to Digital with a Gateway

For companies to be efficiently functional in today’s digital world, tapping modern communication tools is inevitable. Communication, after all, is fundamental to virtually all types of organizations. Supervisors communicate to team members to relay instructions; team members communicate with each other to accomplish tasks. And if you’re organization is relying on two-way radios to communicate, […]

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Radio Over IP Is Not New Just More Affordable

Radio over IP is an effective and low cost solution for those companies that are using older hardware for two way radio communications to connect with employees, security teams and service personnel and just don’t have the dollars to upgrade to all new digital mobile radios throughout their organization. Using radio over the Internet is […]

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Radio Over IP Provides Reliable Communication for Bus Fleets

Reliable communication is vitally important for a bus fleet for reasons of safety as well as logistics. However, the analog communication systems used in the past to connect fleet drivers and dispatchers have distinct disadvantages when it comes to reliability. Drivers that have to drive long distances on their routes may travel out of range […]

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