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Any IP Network Can Be Used With RoIP Technology

There is nothing new about Voice over IP, the technology was originally developed back in 1973 but not commercially embraced until the year 2000 when companies like Cisco, 3Com and Lucent Technologies began making hardware to allow for the digitization of analog voice and data into packets. Early adopters were using the public internet to […]

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Benefits of Using Radio Over IP as Part of the Utility Storm Preparedness Plan

Utility workers need to communicate within a municipality during a storm. Communication is essential to shoring up flood areas, blocking off low water crossings overflowing with water, finding storm shelters, fixing downed power lines, testing the accessibility of clean water and more. Radio over IP helps workers go beyond the current analog signals. RoIP networks […]

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The RoIP Solution to School Emergencies

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 79 percent of public schools, through the 2015-16 school year, experienced at least one incident of criminal activity, including violent crimes, or about 1.4 million crimes. Throughout the same year, 47 percent of the schools reported at least 1 serious crime to local law enforcement. With the […]

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