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Your Guide to Fraud Solutions: Down with The White Collars

White collar criminals are often viewed as sleek-talking, Ocean’s Eleven archetypes, or classier (maybe even handsomer) versions of the common street thief—a level of romanticism that Hollywood has afforded white collar crime. In fact, that’s pretty much what a white collar criminal is: a common thief in a fancy suit. If you’ve seen enough of […]

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Banks Use Software to Detect Financial Crimes

The techniques used for detecting financial crimes now luckily include software that can spot fraudulent activities. The software can be used to integrate anti-laundering activities into the traditional methods utilized by banks for security reasons. As of present, financial crimes are rising. Federal banks and local lending institutions have to ward off waves of money […]

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Detecting Bank Fraud to Keep Clients’ Investments Safe

The task of detecting bank fraud is difficult. It requires you to be constantly alert for fishing activity that fraudsters will try to do while you are not particularly paying any attention. However, with good fraud alert systems, you won’t have a really difficult task of detecting fraud. Even though fraud alert does not include […]

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