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Civil Engineers Rely on Tripods and Compasses

Land surveying is a critical component of the construction, mapping, and engineering industries. It involves the precise measurement and mapping of the earth’s surface to determine boundaries, contours, and features of a specific area. Today, we will delve into the significance of using a compass for land surveying, along with the benefits of employing a […]

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Surveying Equipment: Tools of the Trade

Surveying is the science of taking accurate measurements of Earth’s surfaces — including distances, angles, and elevations. It’s essential in planning and executing different construction projects, determining land boundaries, and creating maps. From survey tripods to compasses, surveyors utilize various instruments to carry out their tasks. Here are some of the most common tools of […]

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Retro Survey Equipment for Land and Sea

Surveying is a field that dates back to ancient times. And over the years, the world has seen the emergence of various tools that aid surveyors in their work. These include the tried-and-true compass, tripod, and brass sextants. Below we’ve listed some survey equipment that dates back years: Surveying compass. Originally named “circumferentor,” the surveyors […]

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