Cost and Energy-Efficient Home Renovation Solutions

Many say, “Home is where one’s heart is”. In actual fact, a great deal of our most time will be spent at our individual homes. Not only does a home provide for our most basic needs of shelter, a place to raise our families and entertain guest, it should also represent an extension of our own personalities through the ways we decorate and personalize our homes. Therefore our home improvements and remodeling ideas should symbolize our own personal tastes and beliefs. Most real estate professionals agree that the home remodeling investments we make ought to be done so to add more value to your property. The two main primary areas most owners invest their home improvement dollars are in the kitchen and bathrooms. The following paragraphs will suggest methods we can improve energy efficiency in these areas while also reducing our carbon footprint. By reducing the energy required to run our homes, we can build more eco friendly and sustainable homes.


When hiring home remodelers for a kitchen remodeling project for example, be conscientious to their certifications. Green homes are remodeled by professionals that have been trained to leverage green construction materials. An electricity efficient contractor in Bucks County will most likely have been through some form of sustainable building education sponsored by the National Association Remodeling Industry (NARI). A qualified green builder will provide tips to help reduce renovation costs while helping you to avoid pitfalls in the process like over-spending building materials that may be harmful to the earth like paints that give off high VOC’s. Sure the color you like may be available but a majority of environmentally friendly paint manufactures can replicate paint colors with more sustainable products. Hiring the best energy-efficient contractor provides an arranged plan full of helpful tips to reduce renovation costs.


After careful deliberation on who will do your kitchen or bath remodel project, quality home remodeling professionals will take another step to design a scope of work that delivers an affordable yet effective energy saving remodeling strategy. These economical ideas will consider the long term effects these changes will make on your heating bills, electric consumption and perhaps suggest how alternative forms of power, like solar energy, can be incorporated to help reduce overall costs and ultimately your carbon footprint. Power efficient programs like the Energy Works program for Southeastern PA, utilize household appliances and low voltage office products that make use of the smart home rebates for installing high efficiency Energy Star products. A qualified energy efficiency contractor in Bucks County should provide you with the knowledge of how you can take advantage of government incentives like this Energy Works program. It is up to you to continue the revolution of creating energy efficient homes in Central Bucks and to every home in this world.


Age In Place Remodeling


Universal design is a term use to describe how some remodeling companies today are designing well thought our kitchen remodeling projects that consider how seniors and elderly homeowners can remain within their homes and remain high functioning. For aging parents who choose to age in their respective homes rather than at continuing care retirement facilities, age in place home remodelers will install lower counter top heights; electrical outlets slightly higher to reduce bending over, remove cabinetry to allow for wheelchairs to position under counters and many more enhancements like these to support aging seniors. For a kitchen bath remodel project in Newton PAfor example, installing walk-in showers, benches and non-slip into a bathroom will remove barriers for home owner and help them live more comfortably in their own homes for years to come.


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