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Kitchen Design in Philadelphia and Bucks County

With the slowed housing market encouraging more people than ever to stay in their current homes, remodeling has become a focus for many home owners.  Owners wanting to add value and enjoyment to their current homes are finding that kitchen remodeling can do both.  The task of kitchen redesign can seem overwhelming, however, to most home owners.  That is why many home owners are turning to professional kitchen designers in Philadelphia for the expertise they lack.

And so they should.  With the right guidance from professional kitchen designers, owners can avoid costly Kitchen Designers Phila.mistakes, and create kitchens of exceptional beauty for less.  Professional designers can help clients address the functionality of their current kitchens and what changes might make the kitchen more efficient and conducive to their family’s needs and lifestyle.  These same professionals can create traffic flow through planned appliance placement.  They may suggest separate work stations for multiple cooks which can make dinner preparation painless if not enjoyable.  In addition, a kitchen design specialist can design custom kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia in such a way as to maximize storage – a priority for most customers regardless of their kitchen’s size. 

Professionals will also be able to suggest building materials for the remodeled kitchen that a client may not even be aware exists:  new countertop materials made from acrylics and resins; polished concrete floors.  These materials may save the client money, create a dramatic effect outside the client’s own imaginative abilities, or in some cases both.

Professionals at Virtual Kitchen Concepts, Inc. would agree.  They have helped a long list of clients with their kitchen remodel ideas in lower Bucks County homes who have come to their showroom in Lower Bucks County, just north of Philadelphia, that have Bucks Kitchen Showroombenefited from their expertise and the use of their Virtual Kitchen Concepts design center.  Unique to Virtual Kitchen Concepts is their design software that helps clients visualize the kitchen of their dreams on 42 inch flat screen televisions.  This software allows clients to see their kitchen remodel ideas come to life on screen.  With the click of a mouse clients can change flooring choices, cabinet and drawer pulls, countertop materials, etc. to view their future kitchen and end the guesswork of knowing what materials will best complement one another.

Beyond the helpful design software, what should a client look for in a professional kitchen remodeling company?  Virtual Kitchen Concepts, Inc.’s staff encourages those hoping to remodel to look for a kitchen design adviser that will help them realize their vision while staying within their budget. 

“Check client testimonials,” is another important piece of advice that Virtual Kitchen Concepts professionals have for those wishing to remodel their kitchen.  “For instance, we are proud to be able to tout client recommendations, like the one Lisa H. of Philadelphia suburb, Yardley, PA, gave us when she said that, ‘every aspect of our redesign was handled professionally, courteously, and in the specified time frame.’”

Kitchen design in Bucks County, perhaps more than any other home improvement, can add beauty and value to a home -but most importantly it can add enjoyment to the life of the family that lives there.  The kitchen has been called the “heart of the home.”  If you are considering a kitchen remodel, trust your home’s heart to a professional.

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