Dispatchers Today Need Communication Tools that are Diverse

Controlling costs and streamlining your fleet dispatching processes are at the core of many service-oriented companies where you have a crew in the field. The advances in communication technology never takes a break so chances are that the technology you implemented only three years ago is now old news. Today dispatch operators are reaching field personnel via digital mobile radios, SMS push notifications, cellular data transmissions and rich media packets sent via VPN’s to tablets.

Security of your communication transmissions is even more important today than it was three years ago too. Orion Systems are experts in programming encryption protocols for the voice and data packets sent via their dispatcher consoles since they have been supplying solutions to the US military for over 30 years. Our systems also offer extra features such as GPS-transmitted location services, remote monitoring, temporary disabling of devices and emergency management which can be employed for many different applications.

Real-time tracking of any asset’s location helps dispatchers better understand potential scheduling challenges and allows you to see whether staff are approaching high-risk zones or moving outside their authorized areas. Our dispatch consoles can also remotely monitor a radio’s microphone and a supervisor will be able to effectively determine a user’s safety and wellbeing.

If one of your vehicle radios is stolen or interfering with normal communications, allowing you to disable a unit while still tracking its physical location which can be beneficial especially in cases of emergency.

Boosting Productivity

When it comes to communicating efficiently with a fleet of mobile radios using VoIP radio networks, Orion Systems dispatch consoles is a wonderful addition to your communications arsenal.

One of the key benefits to your productivity is that cell phones can be integrated into a system and used to connect with both radio users and cellular devices. The solution allows you use existing digital mobile radios, properly configured Android operating systems with a PTT feature while streamlining communication channels.

Orion Systems Inc is a communications systems company in the USA proficient at radio over IP applications. Our dispatcher consoles are affordable solutions and can be customized to your specific needs. We are also experts at secure voice communications for command and control consoles.

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