Finding the Right Dispatch Radio System for Municipal Use

Whether for police, fire, ambulance, infrastructure or any other need, municipal dispatch radio systems are essential components of daily operations. In many cases, they are used for mission-critical communication. When you choose a system for your agency, you need to be confident it can meet your significant requirements while also being sufficiently cost-effective.

Streamlined User Experience

The right system should have IP radio dispatch consoles that are easy-to-use and customizable. Smooth operations can be literally a matter of life and death in some circumstances. Even in less dire situations, intuitive and user-friendly systems help reduce costs, avoid errors and keep your organization running like clockwork.

When looking for an IP radio dispatch system that provides powerful and configurable interfaces, look to a communications system provider that understands radio over IP. With functionality for tablets, workstations, laptops and other components, this choice is easy to fit into and enhance your current operations only if you hire the right provider to do the integrations.

High Redundancy

Mission-critical communication can’t be interrupted due to a hardware fault or another issue. The key to ensuring consistent uptime is enough redundancy. With backup communication servers and gateways, an effective dispatch system will help your agency avoid any operational interruptions.

By choosing a dispatch console engineer you are comfortable working with, you can be guided to a system that can be simply implemented with different levels of redundancy. Not all operations need perfect uptime. Our solution can be tailored to your needs.

Advanced Architecture

Every organization has finite resources that can be put towards dispatch radio systems. With the right architecture, your chosen system can help you better manage your communication network. It should also be scalable to help you always have the right system complexity and resources for your needs.

The architecture of Orion Systems’ solution can provide that and more. The right partner can customize and scale to meet your current needs. With control features such as per circuit volume, patching and more, you have the right toolset built on the right architecture.

Compatibility and Control

Your dispatch console engineers need to have the flexibility and control to implement and operate the system the way that works for your organization. With call control options such as muting, simu-select, volume management, conferences, holding and more, your team using dispatch will have everything it needs to efficiently manage communication on the system.

Furthermore, the right solution has compatibility with a diverse range of other equipment. Whether you want to work with VoIP, RoIP, radio, PBX, digital radio or another system, our solution can work with it.

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