Key Elements of Dispatching Software

In a fast-moving society, having a reliable radio dispatch system is essential for organizations with delivery operations. From food and beverage businesses to e-commerce ventures and other logistics providers, many rely on radio dispatch or a PTT over IP system to deploy their drivers cost-effectively and promptly to the field. 

A dispatching software is designed to help with driver routing and vehicle tracking. It’s helpful not only in making operations more efficient but also in enhancing the overall customer experience. This article discusses the key elements of dispatching software. 

Tailored dispatching

Most organizations that perform dispatching have unique needs. These depend on several things, including the current size of their fleet and roster of drivers, dispatch locations, and other delivery requirements. 

With a digital dispatch system, dispatching decisions can be customized depending on your current considerations. It also allows for both automated and manual dispatch options, so you can intervene manually whenever needed. For instance, there’s a customer with a unique query that must be addressed immediately. 

Automated scheduling

Automation is an often heard word when it comes to optimizing various business operations. Automation technology is also beneficial for appointment scheduling. If this aspect is digitized, you can easily track vehicle progress and send timing updates to customers that may have requested SMS updates.

For instance, if your customer selected a 24-hour delivery option, you’ll automatically know that a specific product has to be delivered in one day to that customer. Instead of dealing with customer calls and manually keying in data to a database, an automated scheduling feature can help you significantly save time and effort. 

Optimized route selection

Groups that use a radio dispatch system and software also benefit from the element of optimized routing. This tool allows you to determine the most efficient route for your fleet, taking into account various factors such as distance, current traffic conditions and time needed to complete various delivery phases. 

Together with route optimization, this software also has a smart batching element that collates orders that fall in the same delivery windows. This will make your dispatching more streamlined and cost-effective. 

Easy tracking across the delivery process

From the time an order is taken out of inventory to the point that it gets fulfilled, your drivers could face several (unexpected) barriers. Dispatch software can help facilitate easier tracking across the various points in your delivery flow.

You can also use this tool to alert or notify your customers (e.g., the exact location of your driver, estimated time of arrival, unavoidable cause of delay, and what you are doing to cope with it). This helps improve their overall experience of doing business with you. 

Reliable communications

If you have a digital dispatch system, it’s imperative to have a strong communications system as well. Today, push to talk (PTT) over Internet Protocol (IP) is being used by many clients because of its accessibility, interoperability with cellular systems, and scalability. With a simple press of a button, one of your staff can directly communicate with another person. 

Every device with access to your PTT software will be able to talk through it. In addition, its reliability is highly commendable because PTT software has a short latency time (down to 100 ms if you have a 4G network). Meaning, you can easily reach out to a person out in the field and relay any information, critical or not.

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