Letting Employees & Tenants Know There is Trouble on Campus

Emergencies and severe incidents on campus can happen anytime and out of the blue. During these cases, it is essential to alert staff, students, and tenants already on the campus and everyone else whether they plan to be on-site soon or not. Sending a campus-wide alert using a state-of-the-art command and control console with emergency communication software is the most efficient way to inform everyone of an incident. 

Although it is agreed that an emergency alert system for businesses is valuable and necessary, there are still some questions about the appropriate time to send notifications. These are the most common scenarios wherein employees and tenants should receive a notification: 

Severe Weather

Weather is one of the most unpredictable factors that can quickly turn a campus from a peaceful place of learning to a disaster zone. While most people pay attention to weather updates by themselves, the administration must notify staff and students of any potential danger during bad weather. You can use the command and control console to issue a campus-wide alert that parts of the campus is closed and anyone still on the ground should go home and seek shelter until an all-clear notification is given. 

This preventive message ensures that no one puts themselves at risk when emergency responders cannot reach them on time. 

Possible Threat to Safety

Unfortunately, we are all too familiar with domestic terrorist threats occurring in our place of business and learning. This is one of the scariest moments a person can experience in their life. Whether the danger comes in the form of a hoax bomb threat or if there is an active terrorist on property, it is a must to use emergency communication software to alert staff and tenants of the danger. 

A mass text alert is the best way to inform most people regarding a possible threat to their safety. While this can cause some panic, it is better to notify everyone on campus as soon as possible instead of risking their lives. 

Power Outages

Several different factors can cause a power outage. When a campus or a place of business is affected by an outage that can last longer than a few minutes, staff and tenants need to know so they can plan their day accordingly. The emergency alert system for businesses is a powerful tool that notifies everyone on the contact list of such situations, even when the power is out. This allows your employees to stay updated on whether or not the power on campus has been reinstated and it is possible to proceed with their day as normal. 

These are just some emergency scenarios your campus can experience wherein effective communication is a must. An IP radio dispatch system with a command and control console makes it easier and more efficient to notify everyone as soon as possible to ensure their safety and well-being. Preparation is key when it comes to campus safety and security. Make sure you can communicate with staff, students, and tenants no matter the situation.

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