Mobile Command Vehicles Are State of the Art

Never has the importance of mobile command vehicles been stressed more than during big disasters like hurricane Katrina or today, as the world struggles with the the civil unrest in the US and the Covid-19 calamity. The political division in communities and cities across the US have demonstrated the need for communications control centers which should have been able to respond to the victims’ needs. This is why a lot of states are now investing in mobile command centers. Hopefully, these measures would save lives in the event of future demonstrations that turn violent. 

Why Are Mobile Command Centers So Important

Investing in a command and control console to help manage radio communications from these command centers is now necessary because natural calamities like earthquakes and floods can easily cripple a municipality’s communications center. How could rescuers communicate with their citizens in need and with each other if the primary command center is down? During Hurricane Katrina, a number of police stations were disabled and abandoned because of the flood. If there was only a more mobile and flexible command center that could move away from the hazard, rescuers would have been able to act more swiftly and more efficiently. 

Why Radio over IP (RoIP)?

While going mobile is ideal, it can be expensive if the communication channels are not chosen properly. RoIP for municipalities can provide the same accessibility without breaking the city’s budget. Why is it so affordable? RoIP uses the Internet which is more accessible and less expensive than analog radio networks using traditional communications antennas for VHF, UHF and High Frequency bandwidths. 

When RoIP is also integrated with existing network infrastructures like VPN, LAN, and WAN, there is no need to build a new network infrastructure using expensive hardware. Most companies and communities already have well established digital networks that digital mobile radio communications can piggyback on. A privacy partition and firewall are often already in place to protect network data and a RoIP gateway is a smaller piece of hardware that would be needed to bridge the gap. 

Reliability and productivity

RoIP communications can be controlled remotely using internet protocols to manage communication pathways. Should something happen to the mobile command center, the communications can be rerouted easily. Another remote base station using a laptop computer is often supporting backup operations. The communication lines can remain open as long as one party is still connected to the Internet. 

This means more reliability for these mobile command centers. There is a Plan B, a Plan C, and a Plan D should things go wrong in the handling of the rescue operations especially during a disaster. The best thing about this arrangement is that these backup plans do not require expensive hardware and the specialized skills of a communications engineer. 

The internet is a global infrastructure and as long as the software is configured with the right device IP’s, location of the communicants is less important. Imagine the possibility of having centralized strategies during these calamities. Since not all states are hit during a single calamity, it’s so much easier to send out aid for those who need them. 

Any Security Issues

Of course, RoIP solutions also need to be secure for it to be the ultimate solution. However, with the affordability of these RoIP solutions for municipalities, it’s easy to pair them up with firewalls and other security measures to ensure that no data is ever compromised.

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