Partnering with Radio Experts Makes Control Room Design Easier

Think of 911 call centers and building security control rooms. Without a proper control room design — equipped with suitable technology like an IP-based communication system, which enhances interoperability for radios and other communication devices — the operation in spaces like these will be inefficient. 

This underscores the importance of working with subject matter experts to help create a control room that best caters to your organization’s current and long-term needs. 

The Importance of Control Rooms

Command and control centers are a busy space. When designed right, they will provide a reliable, secure, and cost-effective way for stakeholders, staff members, and customers to communicate with one another. 

The goal is to help organizations enhance its ability to monitor their operations in real-time while offering them the opportunity to improve response time to any emergencies and changes. 

A Control Room Trend You Should Definitely Consider

Control rooms rely on real-time communication between teams. This is why more and more modern control rooms have switched to IP-centric systems complete with a fiber optic radio dispatch console

With IP-based solutions, operators in the control room will have easier and quicker access to various control room assets — as long as a primary master computer is part of the network. They can pull out any necessary information that will help them arrive at sound decisions (e.g., who to deploy to what emergency situation), especially during mission-critical scenarios. 

This kind of technology also enhances and makes audio (and video) communications more secure. Communications done through here are encrypted and only authorized staff can access them. Secure IP-connected solutions also improve interoperability for radios — meaning, key personnel can communicate with one another in real-time via different radio devices and tools. 

Military bases around the world rely on secure communications with inflight radio for test ranges.  Pilots today are using IP based radios in the cockpit and are often flying over difficult topographies. Control rooms today are designed to take advantage of IP networks most commercial entities cannot access.

One of the best advantages of utilizing voice and radio over IP technologies is that they are flexible and scalable. Control room designers can better configure the network’s architecture and create one that best suits your needs, budget, and your existing infrastructure (if any). 

In the long run, they can also upgrade or downsize without incurring heavy costs. As for the organization, maintenance will also be more cost-effective. 

Why Work With Radio Experts

IP-integrated control rooms have become increasingly vital in today’s world. And as they require a more specialized and intricate design (depending on the scale of operations of the organization), it demands organizations to work with subject matter experts — including experts on IP-based radio communications

When working with radio communication professionals, any organization can brainstorm how the control room should be designed to maximize its technical capabilities. These experts will have the experience and technical knowledge to figure out what’s best, given the client’s preferences, current and future goals, and financial capacities — as well as the kind of environment where the control room is in (e.g., should it be able to resist seismic activities). 

If you are looking for an emergency communication system for business or educational campus, we encourage you to tap the expertise of an organization that understands IP based paging systems, radio and voice over IP technologies to implement your software. Don’t just by the software without the expertise to implement it.

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