Radio Systems That Operate Over Secure IP

Despite the emergence of modern ways to communicate, many organizations still rely on radio systems. But thanks to the advancement of radio over IP technology, gone are the days when communication via radio devices would be hindered by distance and other barriers just to get the other party to talk to the one on the receiving end and vice versa. Radio over Internet Protocol or RoIP and Push to Talk or PTT over IP are some technologies that allow voice data transmission between devices with the aid of the Internet. 

What Is PTT And Radio Over IP

Before the birth of Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP, people would traditionally call each other through radio frequencies (UHF & VHF) or the analog phone system. The infrastructure was costly to maintain and scale. Newer technology has allowed people to exchange voice data via the Internet. 

RoIP is basically VoIP, only that it’s incorporated in two-way radio devices. As long as there’s an established Internet gateway , voice data can be sent and received by radio device users. With a reliable radio dispatch console and digital mobile radio devices, dispatchers and field personnel can easily coordinate with each other. This is especially helpful when communicating in cases of emergency. 

Push to Talk over IP is essentially RoIP, but with the particular use of PTT devices (PTT devices are handheld radio devices equipped with a button to be pushed before a person can talk. Today, PTT apps are also available for mobile phones). Additionally, unless the PTT button is released, the other person or group of persons can’t talk — ensuring that the current speaker won’t be interrupted. 

Their Advantages

There are many benefits of using radio systems that operate over secure IP, such as RoIP and PTT over IP. One of which is interoperability. 

An RoIP system can be easily integrated with other tools of communication such as cellular telephones. This system can also be used in conjunction with PTT devices. As long as they’re enabled by IP, users will be able to transmit packets of voice data to each other. This interoperability is also particularly helpful to those manning the control center. With the aid of a radio dispatch console, a dispatcher can seamlessly communicate with field personnel with secure communication systems and RoIP encryption. 

Linked with interoperability is scalability. With this type of communication system, you can add or remove device users and components without shelling out money to cover for infrastructural changes. If you need to expand your operations, you can simply upgrade your software and have your devices configured accordingly. Because of its cost-effective flexibility, you can focus on how you can grow your organization — instead of worrying about installation and running costs. 

While remaining cost-effective, you can boost the productivity of your organization. With faster and more efficient communication, each staff member can collaborate better and, ultimately, deliver better output. 

All this comes with improved security. These radio systems are equipped with RoIP encryption technologies and IPsec Secure protocols for mission critical applications.

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