Secure Mobile Communications Over IP Radio Networks

Internet Protocol (IP) radio is an excellent way of sending and receiving audio or data-based digital voice packets. Using radio through IP gateways will allow you to piggyback on various LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network) networks. You can also use data and voice encryption at the gateway to achieve secure mobile communications. The benefits of using this technology radio over IP technology is to reduce unnecessary hardware costs, improved reliability, and better interoperability.

How Does Radio over IP Work?

Radio over IP (Internet Protocol) is the process of sending and receiving radio transmissions using portions of the Internet. It takes advantage of existing data networking protocols. Vocoders are used to convert analog voice signals into digital voice packets prior to transmission over IP networks. Routers encryption protocols and firewalls are used to secure a client’s network and the digital voice packets.

Radio over IP offers a low-cost way to upgrade older radio systems. Most organizations already have LAN or WAN suites built for networking, digital sharing, data storage and trasnmissions, which means there is no need to build a new communications suite before deploying a radio IP solution. Digitized voice packets sent over IP can be easily channeled to many of the older radio systems as well as newer land mobile radios. You can connect HF, UHF, and VHF radios with cell phones, VoIP phones, and SIP enabled devices, which will move your organization closer to unified communications.

If your operation requires secure mobile communications, then you may need a separate layer for encrypting digital radio packets and transmitting secure radio transmissions using IPsec protocols. Using radio encryption terminals will allow your team to carry out vital tasks while maintaining operational security.

Re-Making Secure Mobile Communications in Your Organization

If you need to upgrade and better encrypted VoIP switch, a more secure radio communications system in your organization, then you will need the best radio IP devices and equipment. This can only be found with a communication systems provider that understands radio signaling too. You need to install the proper radio over IP gateways to convert analog to digital packets but that may be the only piece of hardware you require. More secure mobile communications can be achieved through encryption protocols.

Then process of installing such equipment and training your people all starts with a phone call to the right provider. The company from which you purchase your secure communications equipment should also dedicate itself to giving detailed and effective instruction on how to use it. The equipment you have installed should also come with a warranty. You should be able to exchange faulty devices or have them repaired if that is possible—all at no extra cost.

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