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Lypo Dissolve Can Get Rid of Your Cellulite

An unsightly yet common problem, cellulite has urged people to go through extreme lengths just to get rid of it. Unfortunately, most of the products and methods for cellulite removal in the market today have not been very effective. There is good news, a cellulite shot called Lypo Dissolve has shown positive results. This is one of today’s newest and most advanced breakthroughs in cellulite treatment.

1Lypo Dissolve is a minimally-invasive procedure that breaks down fat cells in the body. Small amounts of lecithin, a soy bean extract, are injected into the affected areas of the body, particularly the stomach, love handles and saddlebags. This will cause the fat cells to dissolve and be naturally metabolized in the body where it can be eliminated as a waste product.

How does it work?

Lypo Dissolve is injected at the area where cellulite reduction is desired. Following the shot, the fat cells are triggered to release deposits right into the bloodstream. These deposits are then metabolized via the kidneys, liver and then eliminated through the urinary track. There are some contraindications concerning these cellulite shots and recommend you consult a certified practitioner.

What is it made of?

Lypo Dissolve is mostly made up of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate. The phosphatidylcholine attaches itself to the fat cells while the deoxycholate works in collaboration with the phosphatidylcholine to break down the fat cell. Whether cellulite shows up as dimpled fatty tissue or isolated hills and valleys, the treatment should work just the same and end up with the cellulite ultimately removed.

Is it safe?

Lypo Dissolve is proven to be safe and effective for most individuals who have gone through the treatment. This shot uses a natural homeopathic ingredient so this is not a synthetic medication. The Lypo Dissolve treatment has been around and has been performed in Europe since 2002, and has greatly helped people reduce and even eliminate excess fat deposits in problem areas.

2Will it hurt?

Lypo Dissolve is a non-surgical procedure without a long term recuperation period. Some patients have reported bruising, swelling and soreness 48 hours following the injection. This procedure is virtually painless as the needles used are very small, although a topical anesthetic can be applied on the treated area as necessary. Practitioners in a weight loss center in Oxford Circle have been using this procedure for body shaping in Cheltenham with astounding results.

If you are interested in medical loss of weight, ask your diet doctor if they perform Lypo dissolve in Mayfair. Otherwise, ask for a referral on qualified and competent practitioners who can do such a cellulite treatment in Bucks County. Make sure that the treatment you wish o undergo will effectively break down the fatty tissue which causes the formation of such unsightly deposits.

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