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The Fountain of Youth: Made Possible with Skin Tightening Mesotherapy

Much effort has been exerted through workout regimens to stay healthy and young. Though, it cannot be denied that it gave wonderful effect on a person’s muscular and cardio health, still you can see the forwning of their face when they will notice the ever present of excess fats, also known as cellulite, on priced parts of their bodies: buttocks, the hips, legs, and even abdominal areas. These “display” areas are just as non-responsive and as stubborn to deal with.. Driven with frustration, some conscious individuals might resort to undergo surgical procedures for them to get rid of those cellulite that will likely renew their appearance. However, eliminating those seemingly resident fatty bulges on your skin need not to be that horrifying; horrifying in a way that not only will it stash away considerable amount of money but will also give adverse health effects to the patient. There always have been alleged reports of malpractice on cosmetic surgeries and for the part of the client, complication and unfavourable respond to the process. With the advancement on medical science, there are now safe, non-invasive, fast and 100% effective cosmetic body-sculpting treatments available.


To be exact, Mesotherapy or Aesthetic Mesotherapy is a technique that has always been perfected and been used since the 1950’s. Starting off to be a treatment for serious conditions like chronic pains, sports injuries, even utilized in the correction on muscular-skeletal problems. Yet today, aesthetic mesotherapy has become one of the most sought-after alternatives for surgical cosmetic surgeries like plastic surgery. Through time, it has been gaining good reputation on treating cellulite reduction, spot weight reduction, scar and wrinkle elimination, and almost any weight and fat related issues that have been dragging you from wearing that polka dot bikini.

Among the many variations of aesthetic mesotherapy, skin tightening mesotherapy, mesolift, lipodissolve and lipolysis. Basically, each treatment methods are used in eradicating cellulite and fat formations on target areas that the patient, as well as the dermatologist, would want to be eliminated. These non-surgical methods use micro-fine needles to inject specific pharmaceutical agents, most commonly vitamins and natural substances, directly into the fatty tissues. As the process continues, the mixture of drugs being subcutaneously injected will then dissolve fat cells and later be discharged from the body by way of urination. And since the microinjections are being applied right in the mesodermic layer of the skin, the nerves are therefore evaded thus making the procedure virtually painless.

Mesolift Treatment

Just as we are aging and so will our facial skin becomes thinner and rigid; further losing its capacity to regenerate thus manifesting the dreaded wrinkles. By way of microinjections, mesolift NE Philadelphia treatment goes in the process that the skin will receive antioxidants and considerable amount of minerals nourishing the depleted, sunken areas of the facial skin. With the infusion of these micro-nutrients, growth of collagen and elastin will once again be initiated in your aging skin; making the skin look younger in just a couple of sessions. Common derma fillers include Restylane and Juviderm. Restylane skin tightening injections Montgomery County, specifically, are gels consisting of natural substance called hyaluronic acid. These are substances that can be found in the body (at young age, in its peak) where it use to fill up deep lines in the facial skin including around the eye and lip area.

Lipodissolve and Lipolysis

Lipolysis in lower Marion as well as lipodissolve treatment is also effective methods in blasting cellulite formation in the body. The only difference while both uses microinjection procedures may only lie on the exact mixture of nutrients or substances that are injected to the skin. Lipodissolve bucks county treatment in particular uses a combination of phosphatidycholine and deoxycholate (PCDC); though they are still yet unapproved drugs for use, still there have been records that will show its effectiveness in the cellulite reduction process.
While you are planning for such cosmetic procedures, it would still be far better to consult the expertise of your dermatologist for you to know the proper treatment that will suit best for your condition.

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