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Installing Kitchen Countertops Requires an Accurate Template

When it comes to getting new granite countertops for kitchens, homeowners need to get the sizes and edges just right. Many homeowners try to do this on their own, but the only way to ensure perfection is to hire a professional to do it. Have a professional create your countertop template so that you are happy with your new kitchen design for years to come.

Select the Material

The first thing a professional will assist you with is picking out the materials. There are hundreds of possibilities out there, and it is tough to narrow down the choices on your own. However, you can tell a professional what you need out of a countertop, and he or she will recommend the best substance for your needs and often show you samples and swatches.

Map Out Previous Countertop

Often a kitchen designer will work with a professional installer to map out your current kitchen countertops. This will serve as the base guideline for what the new countertops’ dimensions need to be. If there are changes to the equipment, cabinetry and appliances, the kitchen designer for new kitchens will develop the template after the big decisions are made. In the event your old countertop does not have the dimensions you want, then adjustments will be required.

Shape and Cut

Once the template is drawn out and you are happy with the results, the professional will cut the slab of material to the desired dimensions. This is done with a laser-guided saw that comes with a diamond-tipped blade. This ensures the material is cut smoothly and to very exacting specifications.

Remove Sink and Appliances

Prior to the installation, the professional will remove the kitchen sink and all appliances. You will want to leave this deconstruction work to professionals because you can do serious damage if you do not know what you are doing. The professional will use the proper equipment to get the structures out of place, minimizing any damage to your appliances.

Detach Old Countertop and Backsplash

Professional contractors understand how countertops are assembled to cabinetry and walls. Experts in the industry will also know how to properly discard the countertop material, ceramics from a backsplash and adhesives. Some materials can be recycled while caustic adhesives may present a danger to landfills where your normal trash is deposited.

Install New Countertop

Make sure that your professional is bonded and insured before you hire him to install your new kitchen countertop. This way, if there are errors made in the cutting and installation process, you are not on the hook for replacement costs. The goal at this installation stage is to ensure it is installed correctly so that it does not have to be altered in any way for several decades to come.

Talk to a kitchen designer in NJ when you are in need of new granite countertops for kitchens. The new countertops often improve the appearance dramatically while raising resale value. Take your time with countertop design, and review all your options before committing to anything.

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