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Lighting and Cabinet Ideas for Your Kitchen

The kitchen has now become a social hub for homes. For you and your family to completely enjoy this important part of your house, having the proper lighting and cabinetry are a must. Still, you should not only consider their functions, but their design and how it complements the room as well. Below are some of the types of lighting and cabinets you should consider for your home.

Kitchen Lighting

Lights are essential for preparing and cooking food, setting the mood for a dinner for two, and giving the kids ample lighting while they do their homework.

  • Contemporary lights. An ideal choice for modern homes, these lights showcase the designs of the 21st century, offering long life and energy savings.
  • Fire-rated downlights. These lights direct light just to where it is needed, making them perfect for kitchens, particularly in the work areas.
  • Flexi-Strips. These are tiny LEED lights that come in flexible strips; perfect for base unit plinths and glass kitchen cabinets.



  • Fluorescent striplights. A unit comes with its own on-off switch so it can be independently switched even when it is linked to others.
  • Flush fittings. This is a traditional kind of lighting, and can be used to give a traditional ambience to modern homes.
  • Pendant lights. This is a great option for more traditional-style homes or even a modern house with a country cottage style.
  • Plinth prowess. Positioned at the base of the island, these lights bring sophistication to the kitchen. They are helpful when looking for small objects dropped on the floor.
  • Under-cabinet downlights. Lighting under wall cabinets look good, and are very practical as it illuminates the work surfaces beneath.
  • Wall sconce lights. These lights can give a very pleasing effect as the lights spread both upwards and downwards.

Kitchen Cabinet

Cabinets hold a crucial role of organizing and storing all your kitchen tools and equipment. And because they are usually the first ones seen when one enters a room, picking the right style is crucial.

  • Built-in appliances. Practically any appliance can now be placed behind a matching cabinet door, from refrigerators to dishwashers to freezers.
  • Colorful accents. Add a pop of color to glass-front cabinet interiors or open shelving with bright paint or bold wallpaper.
  • Efficiency inside. Pullout trays for spices, bread boxes and narrow spaces customized for cookie sheets are sought after design elements.
  • Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. Smaller homes with limited cabinet space in other areas look to install floor-to-ceiling cabinets in the kitchen.



  • Light and simple. Cabinets in shades of white are very stylish these days. They are common in modern kitchens but will require a fresh coat of paint regularly.
  • Mixing it up. Mixing various kinds of custom designed kitchen cabinets will keep the design feeling fresh while avoiding a room full of heavy cabinetry.
  • Not a square. Instead of the typical rectangular kitchen island, try an oval or a multi-sided polygon. This creates interest and drama.

If you are considering home kitchen and bath renovations, contact a kitchen designer near New Hope PA that will take advantage of trends like under counter kitchen lighting. It would be better if the designer uses kitchen design software to ensure that the styles you have selected on work well together and look good in your kitchen.

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