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Putting Together a Stand-out Sunday Brunch Menu

brunchEaster Sunday, Mother’s Day, and other holiday weekends are a few of the more usual times in the year to have a special brunch. Because brunch literally means a mix of a late breakfast and an early lunch, menu items must be such that those looking for items for either meal can be satisfied. More extravagant Sunday brunch menus can be found in venues such as hotel and fine dining restaurants.

Here are some of the things that make a great brunch.

Uncommon breakfast items

Eggs cooked with a little subtlety are always a popular item in a high-quality Sunday brunch.  Eggs benedict is one of the usual breakfast entries in a Brunch menu, in which a combination of a toasted muffin, poached eggs, and Canadian bacon is topped with a hollandaise sauce. There are also a few variations of this well-known brunch classic. For instance, there is “eggs sardo”, which instead of Canadian bacon adds spinach and artichoke. There is also “eggs imperial”, in which crab meat is added. Also, there is “nova eggs” in which Nova Scotia salmon is used.  Another classic breakfast dish that is a regular in brunch menus is homemade quiche. Special seafood items such as pickled herring and lox are among the high-end selections that tend to separate brunch buffets from one another. Of course, special Sunday brunches are never complete without the regular entries such as brioche, sweet muffins, and filled croissants.

Not-so-ordinary lunch items

For those looking to have heavy meals to go on through the day, one might be looking for a carving station of some sorts in a buffet line just to get their appetites satisfied. Whole roasted top round; prime rib; the likes of these are probably what these people would want to see in such buffet stations. If you wish for your menu to stand out, you can add to your carving station either a stuffed roast pork loin, or a whole roasted goose. Or why not have both? Creative ideas such as these put you in the radars of many interested parties, and if managed correctly, you might have your reservations full for weeks, or even months! Now working on your vegies and staple foods, try to use colorful mixes of vegetables. After all, it has been proven to some extent that people eat with their eyes. Experiment on the ways you prepare your vegetables, just to make them more appealing to the eyes. Here’s is one tip you ought to remember though: always have in your team an expert in all things pastry. This is probably one of the most important areas of a brunch menu in the sense that it is one which people would most remember. For the sweet-loving one’s, you can prepare eye-pleasing and mouth-watering fruit tarts, as well as French pastries and dessert mousse. These are sure to make your brunch buffet a memorable one for many who have experienced it.

When looking to put together a brunch in New Jersey that would outshine the competition, it would be good for you to do some homework. Your menu for Sunday brunch should be both exceptional and creative. Try to make good use of leftovers if you’re planning to have it buffet style. Some places that specialize in fancy dining near Hamilton NJ specialize in Italian cuisine, and rightfully so since their patrons are mostly old Italian families. Know of people thinking about where to eat near Princeton NJ? Tell them to check out the great restaurants that serve Sunday brunch in Skillman NJ.


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