Pain Associated with Bulging Discs

low back painAre you wondering what bulging discs are? Well, a bulging disc is the result of the jutting out of the cartilage located between two spinal vertebrae. This is a very common problem seen in people who regularly lift heavy objects or those who pick up heavy things without bending down properly. It is also common in persons who get into accidents that affected their spinal columns.

What are the most common symptoms of bulging discs? A bulging disc can cause back pain. The pain is the result of too much stress on the surrounding nerve endings. What this means is a patient should get relief from the pain so that he can still do the things he normally does. So, what is a patient to do?

Reduce the inflammation

Physical activity can make the bulging disc worse. This means that the patient should rest after every period of physical activity. This is in fact the best way to keep the injury from getting worse. Thus, in the first 48 hours that the pain appears, a patient should concentrate on lessening the pain and swelling. This can be achieved by applying ice packs on the injured area. When the swelling has gone down, the area can be applied with heating pads.

Focus the Symptoms

Patients can turn to ibuprofen and naproxen sodium to manage the pain. These pain medicines can inhibit the action of prostaglandin and Cox-2. For extreme pain, doctors can even prescribe stronger medicines like steroids and cortisone.

Additionally, Ilex, an herb, is also known to be useful in reducing pain. This herb can quell the inflammation by relaxing the muscles. Of course, patients have to remember to consult with their medical practitioners for safety and for avoiding complications.

bulging-discStrengthen the Muscles

When the initial swelling brought about by the bulging disc goes away, light exercise should be started. This will help strengthen the muscles in the area surrounding the bulging disc. Exercise helps because it promotes blood flow to the affected part. This is needed for faster healing. Additionally, elasticity in the ligaments, tendons and back muscles can also reduce pain in the area around the bulging disc. A few of the best exercises for lower back pain in Tampa are walking, stretching, swimming, and low impact aerobics.

These non surgical remedies for middle back pain can help patients gain relief from your bulging disc pain. If a patient has suffered from back pain for some time, he needs to visit a chronic pain management center that offers other treatments for back and joint pain in Tampa. Because lightheadedness is a usual side effect of pain, a patient can also benefit from a fall prevention program in Pinellas County to prevent more complications from the condition.

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