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Taking Care of Acne for Good with Accutane and Levulan

leluvan for acneSome of the side effects that have been associated with the use of Accutane include sleep disorders, depression, hallucinations, chronic headaches, vomiting, ear problems, pains in the lower back region, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and body pains. The known minor side effects of the use of the drug are drowsiness, dizziness, dryness of skin, as well as joint pains.

Laser-activated Levulan is also a good acne relief provider. La laser resurfacing method called photo dynamic therapy, Levulan or ALA is activated using an IPS laser and then destroys the P. acnes bacterium which results in a decrease in oil production in the skin. The upside to this treatment is that the side effects are far less severe than those that come with the use of Accutane.

With the availability of treatments People who suffer from acne spreading throughout their skin, men and women alike, would be happy to know that laser-activated Accutane or Levulan is a working treatment for the said condition. This coupled with a limited intake o oily foods and regular cleaning of the skin has been proven to be an effective solution to acne outbreaks.

So what is Accutane? Just as it is with most cosmetic products, many swear by Accutane, while there are also those who don’t agree of its use.  Accutane is a potent drug that is used in the curing of acne. It works by halting the natural production of oil in the skin. Since it is believed that excessive oil on the skin could cause acne, Accutane is used in its removal. The downside to this is that our skin needs oil, so your skin and body might take some time before it gets used to being without the oil that it needs.

beauty spotAccutane should only be used by a certified professional in this field of dermatology.  Also, the administrating professional should sign a statement called iPledge beforehand. This is because Accutane is, in most cases, given to a patient after the latter has used various methods for getting rid of his/her acne. This includes over-the-counter products, as well as a few antibiotics. The use of Accutane entails with it the possibility of suffering from serious side effects, and because of this, dermatologists limit the use of Accutane to just 6 monthsfor acne, no one would have to worry about scarring on their skin, especially on the facial area, due to acne. All that one has to do is inquire about Accutane for acne in Hershey or skin resurfacing in Ephrata from his/her dermatologist. Both procedures are guaranteed to work against acne, though it is to be remembered that both are not without side effects, thus it is extremely important that you discuss both procedures with your dermatologist thoroughly, in order for you to make a sound decision whether or not you’ll be going through one of the two procedures.  If you are uncertain about Accutane and Levulan, cosmetic laster treatments in Conestoga Valley or a laser peel for acne scar removal in New Holland might work for your acne-related problems. If your acne comes with large pores, you can also undergo treatment for large pores in Ephrata.

So bottom line? There are now sure-fire ways of getting rid of acne. However, they are quite extreme measures. Make sure that you have given the issue much thought, so that you can prepare yourself for the side-effects that both procedures have with them.

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