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Advantages of Working With a Progressive Metal Stamping Partner

Now that your design is ready for fabrication, choosing the right metal stamping company can become a critical step in the production process. Consider the many ways in which partnering with a large metal stamping company may be advantageous.

Cost Savings

Cost considerations may be important to marketability of the final product. Large metal stamping partners may be able to share cost savings without compromising quality.

  1. Setup Costs. Rather than paying for setup on multiple machines, long run stamping machines may save costs due to one comprehensive setup process. Particularly for smaller runs, reducing setup costs can make a significant impact in the product’s final cost.
  2. Bulk purchases. The larger the partner, the bigger their bulk pricing discounts may be due to the quantities of raw materials they purchase.
  3. Shipping costs. Larger metal stamping companies may be able to manage more sections of the manufacturing process without passing the product onto another vendor, which can save in shipping and handling costs.

Speed to Market

  1. Multiple Forming Stages in One Pass: If your metal part requires multiple metal forming stages to occur, using a progressive stamping die may be the way to go.
  2. Processing efficiencies. Progressive stamping presses feed sheet metal from a coil rather than lifting precut sheets into the press, reducing downtime between processes.
  3. Availability of materials. Companies that regularly handle larger stamping runs may have on hand a broader inventory of materials, reducing wait times for raw material delivery.
  4. Longer runs. The price per part costs are often significantly reduced in the progressive die stamping process. Ultimately you will need to sell what you produce so over production is not wise. Accurate forecasting is the key to managing production sizes.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Larger fabricators are more likely to invest in CNC technology that improves quality and productivity. Quite often progressive metal stamping economies can be found in the form of automation. Material handling and press set up is what takes workers the most time and there are lifts, automated die inserters and other automated solutions that speed up the production process.

Best Value for the Money

So the best value for the money comes when partnering with the larger metal stamping companies in PA who can provide manufacturing services that improve the production speed as well as lower costs. When you have product sales over 10K units in a given year, progressive metal stamping tends to be the better manufacturing process to lower metal part costs. Long run stamping companies are limited with only a few good options is Pennsylvania.

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