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Whole Home Water Filtration Systems: Living Healthy, Living Pure

You can’t deny that pollution in a variety of its forms continues to escape into our household water systems and the amounts of contamination sometimes threaten the everyday health of everyone in our home. Local municipalities do their best to test and protect us from the more viruses but will never be able to remove all harmful contaminants. It is up to you to take responsibility for your own health and the quality of the water that is used at your residence. Chlorinated water has long been the primary method municipal water supplies are treated. The question is, “Does water chlorination solve the trouble entirely?”


Let us take a look at the types of water filtration that a typical consumer can install into their house to better understand what more can be done.

Faucet Mounted filters are really simple to install and address your desire for clean drinking and cooking water. Some of the challenges up against this solution are the reduced water flow at the tap and not all taps can be fitted to accommodate these kinds of filtration systems.

Carafe Filters are adequate for removing chloroform and lead from your drinking water and are great for smaller families that are attentive to refilling the containers. Some models are prone to clogging and the challenge for heavy water users is that the containers need to be continuously filled and do not address cooking water and other household water uses.

Under Sink Filters can address larger amounts of water and are designed to free up counter space. They do require a professional plumber or at least a very knowledgeable handyman to assist with the installation. What about the water for showers, dishwashers and laundry machines?

Whole house water filters address many of the contaminants one might find in their household water supply. They are a cheap way to remove rust, sediment and in many cases even the chlorine from municipal treatment. They have a long filter cartridge life and since they address water filtering as it enters the house, they remove contaminants for all areas of the house including washing mchines, showers, all taps, as well as dishwashers They are not designed to remove the more fine cysts, volatile organic compounds, and bacteria. You may have to install a reverse osmosis system to thoroughly rid your drinking water of bacteria.

The serviceman must teast the water first to better understand the current water issues when installing a whole house water filtration system in Langhorne PA. This installation does require a qualified plumber. The initial investment may be a deterrent for a cost conscious homeowner but you must weight the benefits of long term filter replacements, maintenance and convenience when scouting for the right system for your home.

The type of solution for a King of Prussia home water filtration system will most likely differ from the solution for the jersey shore. One of the primary goals for homeowners is to remove hardness of water in Montgomery County home and that means a system that removes lead, copper, iron and other metals often found in home water Your home appliances will benefit from cleaner purer water and this will extend their life cycle. Calculating those costs are more complex and should certainly enter into your decision making process.

Tap water quality is monitored at the Jersey shore by the state’s Department of Environmental protection and in most of these cases; they are looking for bacteria levels. The use of a Water softener in Atlantic County homes is always recommended due to the hardness of water from increased calcium and magnesium levels along the shore towns. By removing excess calcium from the water, residents will have cleaner showers, clothes from the washer and less wear and tear on the plumbing and appliances.

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