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Designing Your Kitchen With Clean, Modern Lines

Farmhouse kitchens are known for their well-loved clutter and antique paraphernalia. Tuscan kitchens are filled with scattered bottles of vinegars and olive oil, and hanging bundles of dried herbs. What do these two kitchen styles have in common? The cabinets may have more details in the trim, woodwork and hardware. Often there is wallpaper, window treatments or tile patterns that include traditional flourishes for style. There may be an island that is likely to be a focal point in the kitchen. The overall look of these kitchens these types of kitchens is comfortable and lived-in. There is nothing wrong with such a style, but there is a more modern movement of homeowners that are designing with clean lines in mind.

Simple and Clean

Just what does a modern kitchen without the traditional flourishes offer that would appeal to those wanting to design a new kitchen? How about a neat, well ordered, lower maintenance kitchen where food preparation and the people in it are the main event. Modern kitchen design is especially attractive to working couples or singles that like the feel of a spacious and orderly kitchen.Light color cabinetry with clean lines, unpretentious finishes and simple hardware can set the stage for a wonderful evening of cooking or entertaining.

Streamlined Design

Modern cabinetry is easier on the eye and to keep clean. A single, straight run of cabinets and sleek stainless steel appliances are popular modern kitchen design features. Or, for a more streamlined look, you may be interested in press-and-release cabinets and drawers, which require no handles at all. Good kitchen island design incorporates not just a place to cook, but also an attractive place for guests and family to gather while you cook, and may be one of the most important areas your design. Sometimes the kitchen island can double as the dining table for couples on the go.

Sophisticated Neutral Tones

Waterfall countertops on the island are a trendy design element. Natural surfaces are more monochromatic in a modern kitchen and we are seeing homeowners opting for slate, concrete, soapstone or simple quartz patterns instead of busily patterned granite or marble. Smart appliances can be common elements for some kitchen designers in central New Jersey. Just as with your kitchen island design, light color cabinetry and countertops can keep the look airy and polished. A run of travertine, single color glass tile, natural stone or continuing the countertop material creates a backsplash that complements the cool steel of built-in stainless appliances for a sophisticated, modern look, but don’t be afraid to ground the room with a hardwood floor in complementary warm tones. Ideas for designing with clean lines in mind are endless. Be open and explore a few modern kitchen design photos to see if this style appeals to you.

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