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Kitchen Cabinet Materials That Contractors Love

Solid cabinetry is one of the essential components of a functional and beautiful kitchen. Ask any local cabinet maker and you’ll learn that some cabinet materials are favored more than others.  Quality, durability, and versatility play a huge part in how craftsmen choose the best materials for kitchen cabinets. And if you’re wondering which materials […]

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Custom Made Kitchen Cabinets Make the Difference

Style and layout are crucial factors in any kitchen. But to truly achieve a functional kitchen that fits your demands and preferences, investing in custom made kitchen cabinets is highly recommended. Compared with their mass-produced counterparts, these storage solutions are designed and built according to your specifications and other set parameters. We’re giving you the […]

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Upgrading Your Kitchen Cabinets Will Rejuvenate Your Entire Home

Why do people instinctively gravitate to the kitchen when visiting friends and family?  As if it is baked into our DNA, most homeowners lead their guests into the kitchen, do you? Is your kitchen presentable? When renovating a home, the kitchen is often the key focus for most people. Upgrading Cabinets Can Transform a Kitchen […]

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Contrast Is the Hottest Trend in High-End Kitchen Remodels

In most parts of the country, housing markets are booming. Smart homeowners realize they can use the equity in their houses to improve the overall value of their residential investment. Of course, few renovations are more advantageous than a kitchen remodel. If you are planning to renovate your home’s nerve center, you should think about […]

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White Kitchen Cabinets Are Still Trendy

For homeowner’s looking to increase resale value, remodeling a kitchen makes sense. Still, swapping out old appliances, bad cabinets, and worn flooring requires a huge commitment. Unless you are planning to put your house on the market for sale immediately, you must live with the design choices you make. How are you to choose which […]

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Wood Cabinets That Won’t Break the Bank

For home improvement projects in the kitchen, updating cabinets can be as simple as switching out the doors and staining or repainting the cupboards, or as big a task as totally replacing all the kitchen cabinetry. The type and style of cabinets you choose mainly depends on the size of your kitchen, the appliances and […]

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Functional Kitchens Consider Use and Efficiency

It has been said that the home is where the heart is. If that is true, then the heart beats in the kitchen. This area is a common family gathering area, so it should be as functional and user friendly as possible. Functional kitchens are a top trend in 2016, and for good reason. Ease […]

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White Cabinetry is Still the Color of Choice

White kitchen cabinets are timeless and will always remain in style. It’s not a big surprise why white is very popular for kitchen cabinetry because it radiates hygiene and cleanliness. White color also radiates a positive aura for the room. It also enhances the lighting of the room, and gives the illusion of bigger space. […]

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Selecting Hardware for Kitchen Cabinets

Handles, knobs and hinges might seem like small insignificant details, but they can have a huge impact on your kitchen décor. Give your kitchen cabinets a quick facelift by replacing outdated hardware. Stylish cabinet hardware can give older cabinets a new look while giving the finishing touch on new cabinetry. Choose the perfect hardware for […]

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Kitchen Cabinets Make a Difference

Having a poorly matched countertop and stove rarely passes as a kitchen, because more often than not the opinion of people and the overall feel of one’s kitchen matters a lot. Homeowners are rarely ever satisfied with a random mixture of seemingly unrelated objects serving as their kitchen, thus you should agree that your cabinetry […]

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